1. Vytalbrands-pert hereafter referred to as delivery oriented reliable Vytalbrands and believes in commitment and best delivery of its contracts and so has not so far called in for cancellation.

2. However, the contract may be cancelled by the client, only if the client has provided all relevant details of the campaign and key words as required for running the campaign, and Vytalbrands  is not able to initiate the ad campaign within a period of 30 days.

3. In such an eventuality the client shall provide a 7 days clear written notice of its intent to cancel the contract and if the Vytalbrands  still fails to perform its obligations then the contract shall be deemed cancelled and Vytalbrands  shall be liable to refund the consideration or advance money so received by the client. However, Vytalbrands  shall not in any case be obliged to pay any amount of interest or other damages, penal or otherwise, on such refund.

4. Vytalbrands , however, reserves its right to cancel the contract at any time by giving a 7 days clear notice of its intent to terminate the contract and Vytalbrands  in that case shall be obliged to refund the amount of consideration received by reducing the same in proportion to the work performed during the subsistence of the contract.

5. However theVytalbrands shall neither be required to give any special reasons for such termination nor shall be required to pay any interest or damages, whether penal or otherwise.

6. Vytalbrands shall in no case be obliged to refund the amounts so received to any Client entity in case the performance of the obligations under the contract have become impossible for some supervising event not expected to happen in the general course of nature. Such an impossibility includes change in law, failure of search engines, dismissal of internet connections for no fault of Vytalbrands ,Vytalbrands or the client becoming insolvent, some order or judgement of any Court of law restraining Vytalbrands  to perform the contract, complete strike/lockouts, war, external aggression, natural calamity, acts of god, or any causes of like nature out of control of Vytalbrands .

7. It is expressly stated and agreed between the parties that the refund shall in no case be deemed to be admission of deficiency and shall in no case be an incident for any liability because of non-performance or for damages and losses suffered by the client and the client shall receive the refund amount in full satisfaction of all its claims against Vytalbrands and shall be estopped from initiating any civil or criminal action against Vytalbrands  in any Court of law or before any authority anywhere in the World lest the Courts of Law or other Authorities in India.

8. That Notice so stated above shall be deemed to be served upon Vytalbrands  if it is delivered at the registered address of Vytalbrands , or if the same is sent through email to – vytalbrands@gmail.com

A notice shall be deemed to have been sent to the Client if the same is delivered to the address of the client as disclosed to Vytalbrands or is sent to the email id so disclosed to Vytalbrands